Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time For The Cabaret...

Many bands should have released three singles and then split up. Time UK did. Probably because by the third single they had ran out of ideas. Even so, I have always had a soft spot for their first single, "The Cabaret". Also had a pretty decent B side from what I can recall.
Hints of The Small Faces in the single, not surprising as bassist Nick Smith was in the Steve Marriot's All Stars. Strange to think that "The Cabaret" sold enough to get to Number 1 these days, but only manged to reach Number 63 when it was released.

The Cabaret


  1. Scott, can't get it to play. Never heard of this lot, either.

  2. George, not sure what happened with the link. Should be fine now.
    Time UK was the band formed by Jam drummer Rick Buckler after Weller disbanded them in '82. I really like the track, all three singles were good pop songs.