Sunday, September 14, 2014

Some Sunday Soul...

Before "What's Going On" and the best of Curtis Mayfield's wonderful social commentary material in the 70's we had the debut album from the extremely gifted Donny Hathaway. Released in 1970, "Everything Is Everything" was one of the first albums to comment directly on what was really happening in inner city US cities in the early 70's.  His rich, emotive vocals on his debut introduced the world to one of the finest soul voices ever. Hathaway's background in gospel and classical music are both very much in evidence on an album that seems to have been forgotten about over the years. Shame really as it is the equal of 70's material from the likes of Marvin, Curtis and Gil Scott Heron.

For some top quality soul head over here where Mr Charity Chic has just finished his 50 week Southern Soul series with a couple of terrific songs from James Carr.

The Ghetto


  1. Thanks for the plug Scott
    Donnie Hathaway is an artist I am not too familiar with but he does do a terrific version of Young, Gifted and Black.
    George has also recently been raving about him so I think some further exploration is in order

  2. Got a brilliant Donny Hathaway single on RSD last year, Never My Love. What a wonderfully rich full voice.

  3. CC - last year I picked up a copy of Everything Is Everything and I was converted. For me that album was his best. Well worth picking a copy up if you see one. Terrific finale to your Southern Soul 50 today, looking forward to hearing more quality soul on a Sunday morning
    Drew - He's one of those soul singers that just seems to have been lost in the midst of time. Never My Love is a great track. One of my mates has a 4 CD box set that is worth getting hold of on Rhino, I think..

  4. Will look out for it - cheers Scott

  5. Like you Scott I have only recently discovered Donny Hathaway. Actually, very recently. I was put off for many years because I always associated him with Roberta Flack and that terrible song that was in the charts. I got a 5CD set very cheaply recently, it has his studio allbums and 2 live ones. The Ghetto is absolutely tremendous