Monday, September 15, 2014


In three days time the people of Scotland have a once in a life time opportunity, an opportunity to take control of their future and make decisions for the good of the country and the people who live here.

I have thought long and hard for many months about where I will be placing my X on the ballot paper on September 18th and have came to the conclusion that all the decisions about Scotland should be made in Scotland, that I no longer have any faith in the UK government to make the required changes to build a nation with greater equality and that Westminster does not represent the Scottish people anymore in an effective, positive way. We, in Scotland, have the power to change the way we are governed and, more importantly, who governs us and I shall be voting for independence.

It is an opportunity to redefine our relationship with all the other nations of the world and I believe, with independence, that Scotland will find a self belief that has been lacking for many, many years.

I came to my decision after all the lies, scaremongering and bias that has been representative of Better Together and the UK media from the start of the campaign reached its zenith in the last few weeks, in order to scare the Scottish people into voting No. There is no doubt that it has been one of the most uninspiring and negative campaigns that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

I also believe that we must get rid of the abomination of Trident, and that the future of the NHS in Scotland will be safer after a Yes vote than it will be if we continue to be governed by Westminster where it is being privatised by stealth on a daily basis. It will also be Scotland’s decision whether we send Scottish soldiers to war and we will no longer have to take part in any illegal wars.

There is no doubt it will be hard, that the benefits will not be immediate and that tough decisions will have to be made but, in order to grow as a nation, we must be in control of our own future and our own finances.

I'm not some flag waving Nationalist but I firmly believe that it is in Scotland’s best interest to embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity with both hands. No longer will we be able to blame Westminster because we will be responsible for our own decisions. Scotland has the potential to be a fairer and more just country. We have the resources and people to make it work, it’s now time to prove we also have the courage.

Cap In Hand  


  1. YES is a fantastically glorious joyous single. I bought the album but it's just that good. But WHAT a single!

  2. Do you feel better now that you have made up your mind Scott? I know I do. I will be posting on this on Thursday morning but wrote it up yesterday.

    As George says, Yes is a fantastically glorious joyous single.

  3. Well written, well informed and well argued Scott. Like Drew my post is written and will go out on Thursday

  4. After months of weighing up all the available info I do feel better that I have come to a decision. Only time will tell if it is the right one. It wasn't one that I came to lightly, due to the fact that the outcome on Thursday is irreversible. I feel that the Union has ran it's course and it is time for the Scottish people to be responsible for their own decisions and the outcomes of those decisions. My choice was not based upon any party political preference, it was simply based upon wanting what I think is best for my country and the people who live here.

  5. The U.K.'s jihadists must be praying for a YES vote!