Thursday, October 16, 2014

Black and White...

Power pop is a bit of a lazy description that is sometimes seen as being derogatory to the bands concerned. But when it is done well, it can be really good. Case in point are 80's power popsters, The dB's and their first couple of albums that are both prime example of the genre, although they did have a bit more depth to them than some other bands they were lumped in with. Built around the songwriting team of Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey both albums were full of catchy, melodic tunes with jangly guitars and great harmonies. It was pretty east to spot the influences - Beach Boys, Big Star, Phil Spector - but they still managed to sound like the dB's. I always found them really interesting for the same reason I found the Go Between really interesting. Both bands had two very gifted songwriters who had very different songwriting styles which led to albums that were always fascinating to listen to.

Black and White

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  1. When I first started buying records in the 80's Db's were among a strain of bands that the older kids were always on about...especially, I think, in The South...REM, Guadalcanal Diary, Let's Active...Pylon. Ha. Between my own efforts this week and this my mind, I have been back in that damn record shop all week.