Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some Sunday Soul...

Both Charity Chic and George have been extolling the vocal talents of James Carr recently and there is a very good reason for that. Easily one of the finest soul singers of all time, Carr has a fantastic deep soul voice that is every bit the equal of far better known soul singers, with a passion and feeling in is his voice that is simply incomparable. I'm assuming that most people that read my little blog already know how good he is, but, if by any chance you don't, have a listen to tonight's song and wallow in the beauty, power and rawness of one of the truly great soul singers. 

Forgetting You


  1. Hmmm . . . a James Carr song that I haven't heard before! And what a nice slice of country soul it is too (and great sound quality, Scott!) Thanks.


  2. P.S. Scott, is your feed turned on? You don't seem to be updating in blogrolls.

  3. It's quality, it just keep building up until that heart-rending painful cry at the end. Majestic

  4. The greatest Soul song of all time. Fact.

  5. Scott,
    I appear to have developed the same problem - it seems that yours and mine are the only blogs that aren't updating!


    1. Same with Dirk's Sexy Loser - there is something going down

  6. George - majestic sums it up perfectly...
    Charity Chic - it is certainly up there with the best of them...
    Marie - not really sure what is happening with a couple of the feeds not updating. I know some other bloggers are having the same problems...