Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Babe...

To this day people still aren't sure just how Little Walter achieved some of the sounds that he created with the simple harmonica. Similiar in some ways to what Hendrix did with the guitar a few years later Little Walter took the harmonica and transformed the way it was played up to that point. Trained in his early days by the master bluesman himself, Muddy Waters, he added a swinging, more pop orienated feel to the blues and was, by the late 50's, eclipsing the success of the great man himself. Although others had amplified the harmonica before him, he was the first blues harmonica player to explore fully what the humble mouth organ was capable of. Years of heaving drinking, constant fighting and of living life at the limits took its toll and, sadly he was taken from us at the age of only 37 but what he left behind is a legacy of some of the finest blues tunes ever recorded from one hell of a talented man.

My Babe

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  1. Yet another tale of a blues or soul singer dying early. Excellent excellent track, Scott.