Friday, December 19, 2014

Your Confusion, My Illusion...

I had a chuckle to myself after reading Drew's post tonight about the amateur drinkers that are hitting the town tonight, the ones that say "cheer up it's Christmas while waving bit's of mistletoe about leching at anybody in the vicinity". After passing through Glasgow after finishing work tonight I am mighty glad to be home in the flat with a nice glass of bourbon and some good sounds on the turntable. Apparently this is the busiest night of the year for the A&E departments. I wonder why ?? I love my home city but on the last Friday before Xmas there are many, many places I would rather be than in the City Centre. As an antidote to all that fake festive fun and frivolity, on nights like this I like to listen to a bit Joy Division. I actually think Atmsophere has a sort of festive feel to it, but perhaps that is just me. I think it is the ripples just after the 3.30 mark. Maybe more of a wintry feel than a festive feel. Don't think there will be many of the "amateurs" listening to this tonight with their stupid Santa hats on...more's the pity.



  1. Thanks for the mention.

    It certainly has a bleak feeling about it, quite fitting for that post Christmas lull. Probably my favourite Joy Division track

  2. My favourite JD track too. Has a definite desolate, wintry feel. Quite magnificent.

  3. Sorry guys, but disagree about the 'bleak feeling', always been one of my few very uplifting 80's songs.
    OK, subject for todays 'muso snobs' discussion - he hadn't died, JD carried on, no New Order, JD still going strong in 2014...........what would their music be like? What would they sound like now?

  4. Ooh, forgot about Ellis Island Sound... very good, sir.

  5. Rik - I have thought about this before and as Manc bands do not have the best track record for staying together - Morrissey/Marr, The Gallaghers, Barney/Hooky, Mark E Smith and everyone - I think that the chances of them being together over 35 years later are pretty slim. They'd probably sound like New Order..