Friday, January 9, 2015

Barking's Finest....

Described by Nicky Wire as "the great lost band of the '80s, they redesigned my idea of politics and pop, it could be intelligent, it could be beautiful. They were frail, tragic, romantic idealists". McCarthy were all of the above and more. Formed in Barking in '84, they are probably best remembered for their '87 Festive 50 tune Frans Hals. In the same year they released the much neglected, and wonderfully titled, I Am A Wallet album. Musically reminiscent in places of The Byrds and The Smiths, lyrically it chose its targets well, being not exactly favourable to amongst others bankers, capitalists, Thatcher and religion. A great debut album that got a much deserved reissue a couple of years ago...

The Wicked Palace Revolution


  1. You chose the right (or maybe I shouldn't use the word "right" when speaking of McCarthy)... Let's try again. You chose the correct album, Scott. I Am a Wallet was McCarthy's best, in my humble opinion, and they were a terrific singles band as well. Well done.

  2. As Brian says, a 80s indie band, many great songs, good choice Scott

  3. Was fairly surprised that they still sounded so good after all these years. Hadn't listened to them for a while but thought the whole album sounded really great...

  4. I saw them at Glasgow Tech and they were very lovery indeed.

    I am old.