Thursday, January 8, 2015


There can be few, if any, actresses who have had as many songs written about them as Winona Ryder. Somehow Ryan Adams managed to write an entire album about his passionate affair with Winona, despite never having dated her at all. Beck has written a track about the time he dated her and The Old 97's wrote Rollerskate Skinny about lead singer Rhett Miller's first date with everyone's favourite indie darling. The less said about Soul Asylum the better...

Today's tune was named after but is not actually about Miss Ryder and is the gentle country-rock of Matthew Sweet's delightful Winona from '91's Girlfriend album. In the late 80's, Winona Ryder was the hot and very talented young actress of the day, and it's not hard to fathom why there were so many paeans written to her, even if Matthew's wasn't. If I could write songs, or had any musical talent whatsoever, I would probably have written a song for her at the time as well, although I'm fairly certain I must have written some "bloody awful poetry" about her at some point.

I have seen Matthew's Girlfriend album described in some quarters as power pop, which is no bad thing if done well. For an example of some great modern power pop head over to Mr Charity Chic's damn fine blog here and listen to the joys of Scotland's very own power pop kings Chris Devotion and The Expectations...



  1. Matthew Sweet is a pretty damn good substitute Scott
    I don't have Girlfriend but have 100% Fun and In Reverse both of which are very good indeed

  2. All five of Matthew Sweet's 1990s LPs (plus associated EPs and out-takes compilations) form an impeccable body of work, which I'd recommend to anyone who loves a guitar and a damn good tune.

  3. The Drop Nineteens also have a song called Winona after the light fingered actress. Do you have the legacy version of Girlfried? Well worth investing in.It has a whole other album of acoustic and live takes on the songs of the album. Divine Intervention is the one for me.

    Sweet also produced a couple of albums of covers in collaboration with Susanna Hoffs which are well worth a listen.

  4. SA - Ah yes, Winona indeed. Did any guys at that time not have a crush on Winona ? Any excuse to post a picture is worth taking...
    CC/The Swede - I have In Reverse, but need to check out the others
    Drew - Divine Intervention is a great opening track, don't know the stuff he done with Susanna Hoff. I'm gonna be busy investigating Matthew Sweet this month...

  5. Fine song from a fine album. You are very forgiving about CCs blatant theft of your splendid original idea for today's post.............

  6. As long as he does not become a serial offender I think I can overlook today's post. Can't be helped if we both have impeccable taste in late 70's power pop...

    1. Ok Scott -that's a pint I Owe you!

    2. That sounds like a plan CC. Be good to meet up with a fellow blogger...

  7. I believe I have all of Sweet's albums, and as much as I want to differ with the masses, I can't on this one. Girlfriend is his best work. Not a bad note on it. As Drew mentioned, I enjoyed the three covers albums he did with Hoffs too. I would probably rank the '70s volume a hair better than the '60s one. Surprisingly, the '80s set was the least rewarding for me, but still worth your time.