Tuesday, January 6, 2015


One of the first LP's I recall buying when I started working in record stores back in '88 was Barbara Manning's Lately I Keep Scissors. I recall ordering the album in for a stunning customer, who bore a striking resemblance to Winona Ryder, who had made an enquiry about it. After it came in I gave it a spin so I could wax lyrical about it to her when she next came into the store to collect her order. I must have done something right as we had a few dates together after that initial chat. After the inevitable split I, of course, bought myself a copy of the LP, which includes a charming ode to The Fall, called Mark E Smith and Brix. Woefully overlooked, she has released some great music over the last 25 years. Think a weird cross between Joni Mitchell, Young Marble Giants and Lush. I always thought she would have perfect for 4AD records, but it was never to be.

Mark E Smith and Brix


  1. You may not have got the girl Scott, but at least you got the record!

  2. That's true CC, every cloud and all that...

  3. At least you lost it to a chick...one of my favorite records was "borrowed" by idiot friend Caldwell (who I hadn't thought about in years til this)...just before he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Viva Last Blues

    I've also dug out my copy of Nowhere by the SF Seals thanks to this post.

    The Mark E Smith song is fantastic.

  4. One of the amazing things about these blogs is discovering the number of people who have the same records as you. Yes, I too have that Barbara Manning album, another that I've not played for many years

  5. John Peel used to play this ME Smith & Brix - tune back then and it was good throughout. I'm curious to listen to the other one later today ....

  6. Erik - hope I've not brought back bad memories of Caldwell...need to have a listen to SF Seals, not that aware of her non solo stuff
    George - well worth another spin... I hadn't listened to it for a while and it has dated pretty well.
    Hi Dirk - hope you enjoy the other track, I have a feeling you would enjoy the album.