Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some Tuesday Jangle...

Named after the chap who shot John F Kennedy's alleged killer, The Jack Rubies released some great, jangly, hook laden pop singles in the late 80's that just seemed to pass most people by. Shame as one or two of the singles are really good, in particular their second single Be With You. They were probably just a bit out of sync with what the public were listening to at the time with all the dance crossover tunes beginning to take over the charts. At least they did release one moment of pop greatness, which is more than most...

Be With You


  1. Forgot all about these guys. You're so right. Perhaps in another time and place...

  2. I was listening to them not so long ago. Don't see them anywhere on the net Until now
    Swiss Adam.

  3. I know I'm a week or so late...but, your blog reminded me of the Gories and I've had a Gories blowout tonight in this dingy motel room.

    Maybe the Jack Ruby's will get a listen...at some point. I'm a little obsessed right now though.

  4. Can't remember this at all, Scott. But it's fine indie-pop song. Of it's time, but still very good. I'm not surprised that Brian knew the song, though

  5. Brian and Adam - they are one of those bands from that time who seem to have also been completely forgotten about, which is a pity as the debut album had quite a few good tunes on it
    Erik - that sounds like a great way to spend an evening. I had a similiar evening a few weeks back gorging on The Cramps
    George - very much of its time but they did write some cracking pop songs back in the day