Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some New Music...

As with most bloggers I get sent a fair amount of emails from bands asking if I would consider reviewing their music on the blog. Time permitting, I try to listen to as much of the music I get sent as I can, but rarely find something that I like enough to post on Spools. So it is always a joy to listen to a new band and hear something that you want hear again, and hope that others might feel likewise.
Suburban Birds hail from Salt Lake City, Utah and have only been together just over a year. Their influences include Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips and The Velvets, and although you can hear elements of some of these bands and others in their music, they have already started to develop their own sound that shows their self belief in the music they are making. Their self titled debut EP fuses elements of psychadelia, indie and pop into 6 tracks that showcase the diversity of their music and a confidence and maturity that belies the short time they have been together.

Here is a link to their bandcamp page where you can listen to the EP. Hope you enjoy...


  1. You took the words out of my mouth, Scott. So many new bands arrived to be featured but only a few are worth it. Anyway, Suburban Birds are brilliant.

    1. Thanks Walter, it is nice one in a while to get sent something that excites you. Glad you enjoyed Suburban Birds.