Sunday, September 20, 2020

Stop The Rain

I don't know too much about The Suede Crocodiles apart from that they featured a pre-solo Kevin McDermott and that in 1983 they released their one and only single, the insanely catchy Stop The Rain. With that track they caught the attention of Nick Heyward, who took them on his first solo tour as his support act. He was also touted to produce the follow up single, Paint Yourself A Rainbow, but that single never saw the light of day as Kevin opted for a solo career. Another of those Scottish bands from that era that were releasing awesome pop songs that were largely ignored south of the border. It was very much the kind of track you could imagine hearing on the likes of Kid Jensen or Janice Long's Radio 1 shows or Mark Goodear's show on Clyde. Quality pop that has aged surprisingly well.


  1. Hi Scott. Thanks to Japanese label Fastcut Records, I have everything there is to have by Suede Crocodiles. They reissued this 7" in 2010, and it's an exact replica down to the original label logo and sleeve. Since the original often goes for $150 or more, I was pleased to spend about $10. That same year, Fastcut also released a comp that gathered everything else they ever did. I would love to tell you it was chock full of songs as good as Stop the Rain. Alas, I can't. Not even close. Still, how many bands give us a song as perfect as Stop the Rain. Here is some info on those Fastcut releases. Cheers.

  2. Hi Brian, had no idea that anything else was available. Thanks for letting me know about the Fastcut comp, would like to hear more of their stuff. Would be hard to top Stop The Rain, it is fairly close to pop perfection.