Sunday, October 30, 2022

Raw Power

On January 16th 1991 Glasgow Barrowland played host to the one and only Iggy Pop. I had been going to gigs at The Barrowland for around 5 years up to this but few gigs had me so excited pre-gig as Iggy. I had been a fan for years and was worried I had built this one up to much in advance.

Within a few minutes of Iggy hitting that world famous stage it was blindingly apparent that I had not built it up enough. He opened the set with Raw Power and that is literally what it was, with Iggy a whirlwind of primal energy. It was a blistering start and it never let up the whole night. I first heard The Stooges when I was 15 and had waited years to see Iggy and hear those songs live. I had watched video footage from the likes of So It Goes and The Tube but nothing quite prepares you for the real thing. He was like a man possessed and was clearly having the time of his life on that stage. Those first Stooges albums were game changers for me, along with the likes of The Velvet Underground. 

We were treated to China Girl, Lust For Life, Real Wild Child and many other classic Iggy tracks but is was that opener, 1969 and the closing trio of I Wanna Be Your Dog, No Fun and Search and Destroy that elevated that cold, winter night in Glasgow to one of the best gigs I have seen. It was an epic finale with the crowd going ballistic and that ferocious riff almost lifting the roof off The Barrowland.

Iggy was 45 at the time of the gig but had more energy and stage presence than almost any performer I have seen live. The influence he has had on so many bands over the years cannot be underestimated and Jan 16th showed why he is a legend, why his music is so important and why we should always treasure Iggy.