Saturday, January 3, 2015

Some Scuzzy Garage Rock...

Dust off those post Christmas cobwebs and shake a seasonal tail feather to some unpolished garage rock courtsey of San Francisco's Coachwhips. Taken from their 2003 album, Get Yer Body Next To Mine, which was reissued last year, the band's existence was fairly short lived lasting only from 2002 to 2005. This is garage rock at its most raw and stripped down and has a lack of polish that I just love. Their infectious, riff-driven recordings are noisy, distorted, fun and clearly shows their appreciation for all the great garage bands of the 60's....

TRIVIA FACT OF THE DAY - A coachwhip is a species of non venomous snake which is endemic to the USA and Mexico and are found in open areas with sandy soil, open pine forests, old fields and prairies. So not only do you get some quality scuzzy garage rock, you also get some trivia that may be of some use to you if you are a fan of the pub quiz, or, like me, just like useless trivia...

WORD OF THE DAY - Scuzzy - something dirty, nasty, or otherwise disgusting....

Get Yer Body Next To Mine

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  1. Never heard of 'em, but what an absolutely splendid racket! Right up Erik Bartlam's street too, I'll be bound.

  2. Re scuzzy can I recommend the end of year list at

  3. A new name to me, Scott, and that scuzzy dirt sound is just great.

  4. They came recommended to me by my best mate John who is a fountain of knowledge on this kind of music...I think you're right The Swede that Erik would approve wholeheartedly...

  5. Agree with all the above. Dirty scuzzy etc. A splendid noise. Methinks that maybe a certain Mr J White has been listening as well.

  6. Well worth checking out more of their stuff, I have a feeling you would really enjoy them. A few of their albums have been reissued recently...