Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Little Runaway...

Whilst deciding what to post today I came across this very funny piece of trivia from March 4th 2003...

A noisy neighbour was banned from playing her music and had her stereo system impounded, after she had played Cliff Richard music too loudly. 23 year-old Sian Davies was fined £1,000 plus court costs after environmental protection officers raided her flat in Porth, Rhondda, Wales and seized 15 amplifiers and speakers, plus 135 CDs and cassette tapes. The disc found in her CD player was the Cliff Richard single, 'Peace in Our Time'. A spokesman for the Cliff Richard Organization said he was delighted to hear of somebody in their early 20s owning one of his many recordings. He added, Cliff would not want anyone to play his music so that it caused a nuisance.

Now, surely if you are going to get your stereo impounded for playing loud music you could find something a bit more R'n'R than Sir Cliff, something like former Runaway Joan Jett who, on this day in 1982, was sitting sweetly at the top spot in the US charts with I Love Rock and Roll. Originally recorded by The Arrows in 1975 as a knee jerk response to The Stones It's Only Rock 'N' Roll, Joan discovered it in '76 and tried unsuccessfully to get The Runaways to record it. They declined, she recorded it 5 years later and ended up with one of the most successful covers ever recorded. In the original version, the lyrics are about a guy picking up a young girl and taking her home, which was fairly typical Rock and Roll subject matter. When Jett covered it, however, it became a song about a girl who notices a guy next to a jukebox and brings him home to have sex. Not sure Sir Cliff would approve of that kind of behaviour....

As everyone and their dog knows ILRAR, todays 's featured tune is The Runaways classic b side from '77, Wasted..



  1. Smile of the day.. and boy could those gals rawk!

  2. Great to hear something from 'Waitin' for the Night'. A really strong LP in my opinion. Impossible to play this too loudly!

  3. I like the Runaways. And Joan Jett particularly
    Swiss Adam

  4. I can't help but wonder how long her neighbours had to suffer before the Environmental Protection Officers showed up. What a nightmare! Every time I hear "Sir" Cliff's name mentioned, I think of him as the guy who campaigned so heartily for even more restrictive changes to the copyright laws.

  5. They certainly could rawk. Waitin' For The Night is a great album, tends to be a bit overlooked but has some crackin' songs on it.
    Hi Marie, hopefully they didn't suffer for too long. Had forgotten all about his campaign on copyright laws, just another reason to dislike him, as if his music on it's own was not enough reason...

  6. I never knew this is a cover! Thanks for letting me know ... have to find out what the original sounds like ...!