Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sorry Someday...

Quite a few of my posts are about bands or singers whose talent far exceeds how well known they are to the public at large. Why are Big Star not as well known as The Byrds ? Why is Willie Hightower not as well known as Wilson Pickett ? I'm sure there are any number of reasons but sometimes the answer is just not that easily explained.

Tonight's post follows on from a post a few weeks ago and is about someone who should be selling out venues all across the UK. Sunday night found me at Glasgow's King Tut's Wah Wah Hut to see a rare solo performance from ex Geneva lead singer Andrew Montgomery. Fair enough it was a cold, wet miserable night in Glasgow, but quite why Tut's wasn't sold out is just inexplicable. Despite suffering from what appeared to be a pretty heavy cold, Andrew put on a stellar performance and you could tell from the off how genuinely excited he was to be on that stage performing. Due to the aforementioned cold he may not have quite hit some of those high notes that he seems to do so easily on record but vocally he still sounded absolutely glorious. It has been said that his voice is equal parts choirboy and soul boy and that just about sums up his unique vocal style. We were served up a mixture of tracks from his new album, including the sublime poptones of  Sorry Someday and the Spanish infused La Graciosa, and a fair few numbers from his days as lead singer of Geneva. Although the place was fairly empty everyone in attendance was over the moon to hear Andrew play these songs live again. Tranquilizer, in particular, took me right back to the heyday of Geneva and was the highlight of the night for me.

It beggars belief but at this moment, as far as I am aware, Andrew does not even have a record deal. When you have someone with this rare talent he deserves far better. If you head over here you can pick up a copy of his sumptuous solo debut for only a tenner, or download it for a fiver. If I knew how to run a record label I would sign him....


  1. A Geneva tune very nearly made it into my current series and will no doubt turn up at my place soon enough. A singular voice. Unsigned? It beggars belief when you look at some of the so-called 'talent' out there at the moment. I missed your previous post on Andrew and am listening to that tune as I type, after which I'll be following the link to check out the rest of the LP.

  2. The new album is quite different to his Geneva stuff but in it's own way is every bit as good. Really showcases that unique, wonderful voice of his.