Friday, May 8, 2015

Beyond Belief...

Rather than having sat up all night watching the election, I feel as though I have awoken from a nightmare. At the time of writing this the news channels are predicting a Tory majority of possibly 6 seats. How did the pollsters get it so wrong in all the polls before last night ? Not one single poll predicted a majority for either party. The scale of the defeat of The Labour Party across the UK is simply astonishing. Even if The Labour Party had not been more or less wiped out here in Scotland, they would still have been far short of any workable majority to govern for the UK. 

I never thought I would see the day when Labour would have the same amount of MP’s as The Tories in Scotland, and if not for tactical voting in Edinburgh South they would have been left with no MP's at all.  CC yesterday summed up perfectly yesterday why The Scottish Labour Party is no longer trusted by the Scottish people, and it is hard to see how they can regain that trust in the foreseeable future. With much reluctance I did not put my X next to the Labour candidate on my ballot paper yesterday and, unless things change radically in the next few years, I cannot envisage a time when they will get my vote in the future. There has been a sea change in Scotland that has changed Scottish politics. The SNP stood on a programme of progressive politics that resonated with the Scottish people.

Bring It Down


  1. Didn't see a Tory majority coming Scott.Looks like the schism between Scotland and the rest of the UK is going to get ever wider.At least we stood up to their obscene policies

  2. Scott, it's nothing short of a total disaster for ordinary people throughout Britain. The deep-seated economic problems will not even be addressed, and all we can expect is further casualisation of work, no proper career prospects, and god-help anyone dependent on state support. Fuck me, Scott, it's desperate.

  3. CC - we now have two completely opposing views in the two largest parts of the UK. Not even David Cameron expected that result last night, almost 100 seats more than Labour. At least as you point out here in Scotland we stood up to them.
    George - now that there are no Lib Dems to hold them back I really dread to think what is going to happen over the next five years. I also don't really know what the SNP can do to stop them. Does anyone really think that 331 Conservative MP's are going to listen to 56 SNP MP's. I fear the worst.

  4. As for the opinion polls, eiher people lied due to not wanting to admit they were voting Tory or a lot of people chamged their minds at the death. Either way, it doesn't chnge the result. Utter disaster.

  5. Fucking unbelievable. How the fuck can people down south vote Tory.I'm not sure I can stand five more years of that cunt Osborne and that twat Johnson vying for the position of the leader of the land. Christ, it's going to be grim.

  6. Adam - think you are right about people lying. Never understood why you would vote for any party if you are too embarrassed to admit to voting for them.
    Drew - Amidst all the doom this comment did raise a smile here. Seems like Osborne has been made Deputy Leader tonight. You really couldn't make it up. I'm still trying to take it in, how the fuck could ALL the opinion polls have been so wrong. We were already before last night, but now Scotland and England could not be any further apart politically.