Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For The Price Of A 7" Single...

1988 saw the release of a compilation album on Creation Records, under the title of Doing It For The Kids. 15 tracks for the price of a 7" single. Wouldn't even get you a cup of coffee these days. And what a motley collection of tracks they were - Felt, The House Of Love, The Weather Prophets, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine to name just a few. For me, one of the best compilations ever released. Incredible to think now about the indie talent that Alan McGee had on that label in the late 80's. Turns out that most of the bands I was listening to were all on Creation. One of the many great things about this album was that it didn't just focus on the jangly guitar bands of their early days (although they were my personal favourites) but introduced us to some of the more diverse acts acts that had been signed to the label, like the dry wit of The Jazz Butcher and Momus and the beautiful, atmospheric sound of Heidi Berry. Just realised tonight that two of the late 80's finest indie singles were also released on the same day,  MBV's You Made Me Realise and The House Of Love's guitar classic Destroy The Heart. This album was in some small way responsible for shaping my music taste for quite a few years. Almost impossible to get hold of these days, but anyone who has a copy will know how good this album is. Today's tracks come from Heidi Berry and Primal Scream. Would be interesting to know what Bobby Gillespie thinks these days of his early recordings with Primal Scream. I still feel that they have a sort of innocent charm to them, especially Bobby's ever so slightly out of key vocals.

Northshore Train
All Fall Down
Lot 49  


  1. Sounds like abargain Scott - Heidi Berry is a new name on me

  2. Scott, I don't have this compilation, but I just looked up the tracklist... now that's a keeper! I have the 5-disc Creation box of the first 50 singles (including B-sides, which may be my next series), but there is actually not that much crossover between that and your compilation. As for your picks, like CC, I have never heard of Heidi Berry.This is probably going to disappoint you, but I only like this very early Primal Scream stuff. I enjoy it all through Gentle Tuesday, but that's it for me. A disgrace, I know.

  3. Creation was a fantastic label, pity some folk just associate it with Oasis who wouldn't make my ten favourite Creation acts.


  4. I would like to think that Mr Gillespie did not shun those early songs; he may not like them much (maybe he does), but it's all part of his past. And it's not a bad song, just a bit different really from what he's making now. Would have liked to have had the Jazz Butcher track, Scott!