Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Miss Liberated...

Although they were a bit more poppy than some of their post punk peers, The MO-dettes all too few recordings sit very nicely on a mixtape alongside The Gang Of Four, The Slits, Girls At Our Best and The Raincoats as I realised when I was burning a CD for someone who wasn't even born when The MO-dettes' album was released. One album, five singles, three Peel sessions and they were all too quickly gone. I recently bought the CD of their only album, The Story So Far, and, like a nice malt whisky, it has aged remarkably well. In amongst their original recordings is a very nice cover of Paint It Black. As with any good cover, they tried to do something different with the song and it paid off. Not sure if I would get away with posting a Stones tune so instead we have the rather wonderful Foolish Girl, one of the many high points of a much neglected classic post punk album.

Foolish Girl


  1. Ah, great choice - I wonder how many people remember the Mo-dettes?! They seemed to be here and gone in a blink of an eye - as you say, much-neglected - but I do believe they really were an important female band, and very representative of their time. I was lucky enough to see them at my local college in '79. As I just can't resist some tenuous name-dropping here either, I must confess to having (for a short while) gone out with the boy who was to later marry Ramona. And I believe they're still together!

    1. Quality name-dropping. We need more of this kind of thing!

  2. Think we can forgive the name dropping C when the story has such a happy ending. Always the MO-dettes get a bit neglected in articles or programmes about post punk in the UK, but they played a pretty important part that tends to get overlooked. Always makes me smile when i listen to the album.

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  4. Scott, I have records by every band you mentioned except the Mo-dettes. I have always liked "White Mice." So, I don't know why I have been on the sideline. Your choice today has me ready to pull the trigger. It's funny how we get to know bands. Seems so minor but I learned about the Mo-dettes through June Miles-Kingston's work on one song with FB3.

    C sure has an interesting little connection there, doesn't she?

  5. Great post and a fascinating connection C. 'White Mice' gets the occasional spin on 6Music and it's always a joy to hear.
    (There's a fantastic, must watch, period piece of a video for 'White Mice' here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0JCoMYpiA0)

  6. White Mice is one of my favourite records of that era but somehow I have never heard the album. Must put that right at some point.


  7. I've never heard the album either. I must put that right soon.
    The little stories like C's are what makes blogging so good.
    Swiss Adam

  8. Brian and Jamie - well worth buying a copy. For me, as good as albums by the other bans listed in the post
    The Swede - cheers for the link, will give that a watch later tonight
    SA - Totally agree 'bout the comments, one of the pleasures in doing the blog is the comments received