Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Bank Holiday Fall...


Whilst ripping a CD last night I noticed a column in Windows Media, that I had not noticed before, where I could put into order who I had most tracks in my media library by. I thought it would likely be Springsteen (2nd), Dylan (3rd) or Pixies (6th). To my surprise, with 434 tracks, it was The Fall. I had no idea that I had so many Fall albums on my hard drive, but the hard drive never lies.

In honour of Prestwich's finest and to celebrate the fact that Australia now seems to be part of Europe (according to Saturday's  Eurovision Song Contest) here is one of my favourite Fall tracks from the absolutely essential Peel Sessions Box Set.

Australians In Europe


  1. Fabulous. If this is the start of a 434 part series, count me in.

  2. Only 434 Scott? Get a grip, man!

  3. Incredible, Scott. I'm thinking Elvis Costello would be my No. 1. I'll have to check that out. Perhaps I'll be surprised too.

    Between you, George, JC and Drew, I might end up liking the Fall yet!

  4. Swede - over a year's daily postings on The Fall, how good would that be..
    George - can see I need to up my game here, it it was a report card it would say "must do better"
    Brian - I genuinely had no idea that I had so many Fall tracks. Interesting looking through the list to see how many tracks you have from all your faves. I was fairly late to The Fall (1985) and then worked backwards. This Nation's Saving Grace is a good place to start...