Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Read My Lips

Tipped by the NME in late '89 as one of their tips for stardom in the 90's, alongside the likes of Ride, The Mock Turtles and The Charlatans, it was not to be for The Katydids. Their career may have been short lived, but did produce two terrific albums. Their debut found Nick Lowe at the production helm and it's clear why Reprise enlisted him for the task. The album's 60's pop sensibilities are to the fore throughout and Lowe perfectly captures their obvious love of the music of that era and their ability to write great pop songs. There is a joy in the voice of lead singer Susie Hug that comes across throughout the album that is hugely infectious that stood them out from the crowd. 

Lights Out (Read My Lips) was the second single from the album and is a track I never tire of hearing. Everything that was great about the band can be found in this one track. Unpretentious, hook laden pop that is an absolute delight to listen to. 


  1. A new name to me Scott and very pleasant.
    Further exploration required

    1. I came across them when I was working for Our Price. I was intrigued due to Nick Lowe producing the album. Put it on one day and really liked it, became a bit of a regular on the playlist.

  2. This single is all I have from these guys. Has a nice acoustic version of the song too.